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Healthy snacks for kids

Healthy bites,
big smiles

Treat your kids to tasty nutrition and yourself to peace of mind with our veggie snacks!

Perfect in the lunchbox, at home and on the go.

Small nutritious bites that bring big smiles!

Snack time just got a whole lot healthier! Delicious veggie-packed snacks that are high in fiber, dairy-free, and preservative-free. Say goodbye to boring snacks and lunchboxes and hello to our tomato, beetroot, spinach, and carrot tasty snacks. No more rushing in the morning, just grab some Moqqi snacks and watch your kids thank you!


Nutri-Score A

High on fiber

>40% veggies

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Ready in 1 min

Dairy free
Dairy free
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No preservatives

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No refined sugar

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From freezer to lunchbox

Benefits of our snacks

Kid approved

We put our snacks to the ultimate taste test and let over 1000 kids be the judges! And you know what? They gave our snacks two thumbs up! So, we promise, your little ones will love the taste and flavor too!

Serious nutrition        

Serious nutrition

Our chef and nutritionist made sure our snacks are packed with over 40% veggies, and have no refined sugar and no preservatives. Say yes to satisfying and tasty snacks that are good for your kids! Nutri-score A with a delicious taste. 

Time saver

Our snacks are perfect for busy days, just pop them in the lunchbox straight from the freezer or heat them up in the microwave in no time! No fuss, no mess, just delicious and nutritious snacks ready to go! 

Frozen for freshness

Want to keep all the yummy nutrients of the veggies without any preservatives? Freezing is the trick! We freeze our snacks to lock in all the good stuff and voila! Healthy snacks always on hand.

We're Barbara and Frédérique, two moms on a mission to make healthy snacking fun for every kid and parent. Our nutritious and tasty snacks are a hit with kids and guilt-free for moms and dads. We know raising healthy eaters can be tough but we've done the hard work to make it easy for you!

Our mission

To achieve our mission…

We developed nutritious veggie-based snacks that our kids love and we feel good about giving to our kids. Our snacks are rich in essential nutrients kids need to grow, play and thrive. 
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We not only let our kids try, but we let over 1000 kids be the judges on how our snacks look, taste and feel, and they loved them too!
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We share simple, easy, and quick nutrition tips with you. Now, you can make conscious food choices for your little ones, without the stress of guessing what's healthy.
We donate a portion of our revenue to support children facing food insecurity. It's our way of doing our part to give every kid a chance to grow up healthy and happy.

Join us on this journey and let's make healthy snacking fun together! 

Our daughter loves Moqqi veggie snacks!

“We use them a lot: as a snack or as an appetizer and even as a side for soup. Our daughter also eats Moqqi snacks while playing, they are ideal as they don't crumble or make a mess! I always keep them in the freezer because they are so convenient: ready quickly and a delicious snack with peace of mind. Tasty and healthy!

Don't spoil it: I like to eat them myself!”

— Laura, mother of Lune (4 years old)

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