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We are together on this journey of raising healthy and happy kids! Our blog is a diverse compilation of inspiration, expert advice, and clever hacks on food and nutrition to bring fun to the journey! We strive to make healthy eating an enjoyable experience at our homes and we hope we can bring some of that also to yours.


Meet our Blog contributors

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Barbara Oliveira

Founder of Moqqi and mom of Matteus (1.5), Barbara is passionate about traveling and cooking. Expect to see here some food inspiration from the 52 countries she has visited and how she is raising her son to be an adventurous eater. 
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Frédérique Versteegh

Co-founder of Moqqi and mom of Sep (5) and Dieke (3), Frederique loves being outdoors and is always looking for a new recipe to cook with her kids. Here she shares how to cook together with little kids and ways to make veggies fun for them.

Mary Brophy

Mary is a chef, a nutritionist and a mom of three young girls which has put her profession to the test! Here she shares with you what works for her to simplify her life and how she is helping her daughters enjoy healthy food.

Sonia Adell Valen 

Growing up close to digestive issues and experiencing some firsthand, Sonia made it her mission to help others avoid similar challenges. With a university background in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Nutrition and Metabolism, Sonia shares valuable insights on gut health.

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