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Fresh is not always best: 4 benefits of buying frozen foods

I love frozen foods and I use the freezer as my ally! Here are some benefits of frozen foods that might surprise you.

Somehow frozen food has got a bad reputation. Most people assume that fresh is always best, and frozen produce is strictly for convenience's sake. But as it turns out, freezing is awesome for preserving perishable foods.

Nutritionally high Frozen food is just as nutritious and in some cases even more nutritious- than fresh food. How can that be? Fresh food is often harvested before the fruit or vegetable is even ripe, then packaged, shipped, and placed on the supermarket shelf. The time it can take before that item is on your plate can be days and sometimes even more than a week.

Most fresh foods typically lose most of their nutrients in the three days post-harvesting. I was shocked to learn that fresh vegetables naturally lose up to 80% of vitamin C within three days of being pulled out of the ground. Frozen food, however, is harvested at peak ripeness and flash-frozen (frozen quickly at extremely cold temperatures) within hours. It’s like pushing nature's pause button. Free from preservatives All natural foods start to break down the moment they’re picked, or cooked. Many food producers have found that the way to keep their foods on the shelf for longer is to add preservatives - most of which are chemicals. Frozen foods don’t need to contain preservatives because freezing is a natural form of preserving. Better for the planet and your wallet The total food wastage in Belgium according to research is estimated at 3.6 million tons per year and the cost of food wastage per family is 700 euros per year. WOW! That’s a lot of waste! As a mom of three children, I am always looking at ways to reduce my carbon footprint and save money on our grocery bill. So what can we do to help solve this problem? Purchase more frozen products I say! Frozen food is a great food waste solution that just hasn’t received the attention it deserves. Convenience There is nothing worse for me than coming home to an empty fridge or pantry and having no healthy option for my children. Often it’s at a moment of the day, such as after school, when everyone is a little tired and I have run out of inspiration in the kitchen. A freezer full of healthy snacks, such as frozen fruits for a smoothie, or Moqqies are a great solution for those moments.

Frozen food is easy to keep and easy to use. You can buy more healthy snacks and foods in bulk and keep it in the freezer until needed, saving on trips to the grocery store. Fresh, fast and delicious – Frozen foods tick all the boxes.

Freezing is one of the best ways to preserve nutrients and flavors while extending the shelf life of food. That’s why I am such a big fan of Moqqies. They are a delicious snack option full of vitamins and minerals that are naturally preserved by freezing. And being in the freezer does not mean that you have to wait long for them to defrost. Moqqies are ready in less than a minute in the microwave. So help yourself and the planet with some delicious Moqqies! Freezing Want to learn more about our products and what make’s Moqqi different? Check us out here.

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