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Quick and healthy lunchbox ideas to make mornings simpler

Updated: Apr 14

Here are my top 5 tips for packing a balanced and healthy lunchbox for your child.

Here is my top 5 tips for packing a balanced and healthy lunchbox for your child. Mornings in our house are a little crazy. My husband and I are not natural morning people so getting three kids (under the age of 6) to school on time can be a little stressful. Preparing lunchboxes can be time-consuming and, let’s be honest, a little tedious.

As a nutritionist and chef, I’ve come up with some tips and tricks to make healthy lunches a breeze. Want to know how I save time in the morning so I can enjoy my cup of coffee instead? Follow these 5 tips.

1. Healthy Balance

School lunches should have a balance of all the food groups. Use this guide below to ensure your kids get enough variety and nutritious options.

  • Choose any 2 vegetables. (carrot sticks, cucumber, broccoli…)

  • Choose any 1 healthy protein. (beans, edamame, nuts, egg…)

  • Choose any 1 whole grain. (whole grain pasta, bread, quinoa…)

  • Choose any 1 fresh fruit. (grapes, apple slices, melon chunks…)

  • Add 1 dairy source if desired. (milk, plain yogurt, cottage cheese…)

Water. No need to give your child sugary drinks. Water is the best way to stay hydrated.

2. Plan ahead

A little forethought will save you tons of time later in the kitchen. While prepping dinner: as you are already in the kitchen preparing dinner, save time and prepare a healthy lunchbox for the next day.

Chop in advance. Instead of chopping veggies every morning, do it on a Sunday night. As long as you put them in a plastic container with a lid, chopped vegetables will last well for a few days.

Leverage lunchbox planners; There are many easy and simple planners out there, full of tips and recipes.

3. Use leftovers in the healthy lunchbox

Make a little extra for dinner and use the leftovers as lunch options. Try leftover roasted chicken or roasted veggies from dinner the night before as a filling in a whole-grain wrap. Pop leftover steamed veggies cold into the lunchbox to be eaten with other raw veggies.

4. Enlist help

Get your kids involved. Ok, this tip might seem counterproductive, but if you start them early helping out with making their lunches this will increase the likelihood they will actually eat it AND try new foods. It also trains them how to eventually make it on their healthy lunchbox when they are older (think 8 and up). Win-win for everyone!

5. Healthy store-bought options

It’s not always realistic to make everything from scratch. Go for healthier options that contain less salt and sugar and more natural healthy ingredients. Our Moqqi veggie snacks can go from the freezer to your child’s lunchbox and be ready to eat within 2 hours.

Do you have any other tips for preparing healthy lunchboxes? Let us know in the comments! And if you are looking for more ideas for your child’s school lunchbox, follow our social media for more inspiration.

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